Tutorials / Ingest FIRMS WMS into ArcGIS and Customize the Symbology

This tutorial demonstrates how to ingest FIRMS fire data into ArcGIS Pro and custom modify symbols, colors and size.

Step 1 - Add WMS Service Connection

  • Launch ArcGIS Pro.
  • Create New Map
  • Add New WMS Server Connection

Step 2 - Establish Connection

Step 3 - View FIRMS Layers

  • If connection was successfull there will be a list of supported FIRMS layers.
  • Open the tree structure under ServersNASA FIRMS WMS Service on firms.modaps...
  • Find the layer of interest and drag into your Map Project (ex. fires_viirs_24)
  • These layers require additional setting:
    fires_modis, fires_terra, fires_aqua, fires_viirs, fires_viirs_snpp, fires_viirs_noaa20
    See Having problems ... section.

Step 4 - Draw FIRMS Layer

  • Drag the layer of interest into the desired ArcPro map window.
  • The layer will be added to your window and draw.
  • Position the layer accordingly in the draw order so it is visible with other layers.

Step 5 - Open Layer Property Window

  • Right click on the FIRMS Layer.
  • Click on Properties.

Step 6 - Set Layer Parameters

  • Select Display option
  • Under Custom parameters add:
  • symbolstriangle
  • Use Add row to add the other values
  • colors240+100+20
  • size10
  • Click OK

Step 7 - View Results

Having problems ...

  • Check you have included '/' at the end of your WMS url (see step 2)
  • Try opening layer such as fires_viirs_24
  • Following layers require additional setting (see image below) as they are date/time dependent:
    fires_modis, fires_terra, fires_aqua, fires_viirs, fires_viirs_snpp, fires_viirs_noaa20