FIRMS Fire Archive Download for MODIS Collection 6 and VIIRS 375 m

Download MODIS and VIIRS fire/hotspot information older than the last 7 days with the Fire Archive Download Tool. Users can request fire/hotspot archive observations as shapefiles (.shp) or comma-separated text files (.csv) for your area-of-interest. Once the request has been processed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download your data.

Just looking for data for past 24/48 hours or 7 days? you can download the latest data from Active Fires

MODIS Collection 6
The Fire Archive Download Tool provides the best available MODIS Collection 6 data; data processed in Near Real-Time (NRT) (MCD14DL) data is replaced with standard science quality data (MCD14ML) as it becomes available (usually with a 2-3 month lag) from the MODIS Fire Science Computing Facility (SCF).

VIIRS 375m
The Fire Archive Download Tool currently provides only VIIRS 375 m data (VNP14IMGTDL_NRT) that is processed in NRT. Please note the NRT data are not considered to be standard science quality.

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Please Note:

  • If your MODIS data request returns both NRT and standard science quality data the data will be split in to two files to ensure users clearly distinguish between the 2 data sources. MCD14DL is the NRT data. MCD14ML is the standard data. For more information visit FAQ "What is the difference between NRT and standard quality fire data?"
  • The MODIS data is available from from November 2000 (for Terra) and from July 2002 (for Aqua) to the present. VIIRS 375 m data is currently available from 8 January 2016. The full VIIRS archive (2012 to the present) will be available later this year.
  • All files produced include the geographic coordinates of pixels flagged as containing one or more fires, the time and date of data satellite acquisition, fire radiative power, confidence, along with other attributes. See "What are the attributes / fields of the active fire data?"